St. Brigid: Parish

At St. Brigid School, faculty and parents work together to share our rich Catholic traditions and provide an educational environment that exemplifies Christian values for your son or daughter. Prayer, liturgy, community service projects as well as religious instruction, are integral parts of the faith development of your child.

Our Language Arts program (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) is immersed with meaningful, real and relevant teaching and learning. It focuses on process learning which uses an integrated curriculum. Your child will write and share their own published books. Reading/writing is a process used across the entire curriculum. It also serves as a foundation for life long enjoyment.

Our Math curriculum is rooted in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It includes a hands-on approach to understanding concepts and developing problem-solving strategies.

Science deals with phenomena and objects that are part of your child’s daily life; it is a subject that engenders enthusiasm in the students. We build on a curiosity about the world and how it works. We will help your son or daughter develop skills in gathering, categorizing, quantifying, and interpreting information.

In Social Studies, Civics, and Ohio History, students learn the responsibilities of living in community.  Your child will understand how geography and culture affect politics and history.

For Religion all students participate in religious instruction, weekly and holy day liturgies, daily prayer, and First Friday devotions.  Sacrament instruction occurs in 2nd, 7th, and 8th grades.  We celebrate and commemorate the seasons of the church year.  One hundred percent of our students participate in service projects.

In addition to our classroom art classes, your child will benefit from an Attention to the Arts Program. This program includes a Picture Lady Program, visits to the Dayton Art Institute, attending performances at the Victoria Theatre and Schuster Center, the Dayton Philharmonic Young People’s Concerts, and the Dayton Ballet, plus experiencing authors, illustrators, and musicians live at St. Brigid.

While at St. Brigid, your child will attend physical education and music classes each week and will perform in two concerts each year.


St. Brigid School is very proud of its advancements and opportunities within the field of educational technology. From a small room of Apple II e computers years ago to iPads and Chromebooks. St. Brigid technology has rapidly advanced through the years, and is a valuable resource in promoting a solid Catholic education to students.  

St. Brigid is an in-cloud school.  In-cloud schools utilize Google for Education. Google for Education provides a school with various programs (Documents, Slides, Presentation, and various Apps).  Google for Education allows student to collaborate with teachers and other students on various assignments/projects.  St. Brigid staff and students can access Google for Education anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Students have access to many devices to complete their assignments and develop their technology skills.  St. Brigid has one iPad mobile cart, 5 iPads in each kindergarten through 4th grade classroom, 1:1 Chromebooks in the 5th through 8th grade classrooms, Chromebooks in the computer lab, and SMARTboards throughout the school.  St. Brigid staff continues to develop skills to meet the 21st century learners' needs.




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